LLC "Lugansk Machine Building Plant named after A. Parkhomenko"

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City code: 0642
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Europe, Ukraine.
Lugansk city, 91055
Zheleznodorozhnaya street, 8

Country code: +38
City code: 0642
34-42-72, 93-12-31

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The date of foundation of Lugansk was considered to be the 14th (25th) of November 1795, when our Impress Ekaterina the Second had signed a Decree about creation a Gun-Casting Factory in Donetsk (Slavjanoserbsk) district Ekaterinovskaya province near the public Stone Ford village for canons and cores production necessary for ships and marring fortresses of the Black Sea Fleet created by Russia.

The initiator of the Decree was the Black Sea Fleet Commander Nikolay Semenovich Mordvinov. He persuaded the Petersburg admiralty to give 715 thousand rubles silver remaining from the expenses on the armament of the Black See Fleet on building a Gun-Casting Factory on the South of Russia. To build the Gun-Casting Factory was tasked to the Scotch mining inventor Karl Gasoyn. He suggested pouring canons not from the copper, but from the cas-iron. That's why the Iron-Foundry Factory was built close to the Kamenniy Brod village neat the river Lugan.

Although, if to count the date of foundation of Lugansk not the date of signing the Decree, but the date of foundation of Kamenniy Brod village, our city Lugansk can be 100 years younger.

The first cast-iron was given out in 1800 year and poured out from it cannons were participated in the Patriotic War in 1812 year and in the Crimean War (1853-1856).

In 1882 Lugansk became a district city and in spring 1883 year the first chairman of our city was selected. His name was Nikolay Petrovich Holodyly.

In 1903 Lugansk was granted by the Emblem on the rights of the district city.

Europe, Ukraine,
Lugansk 91055
Zheleznodorozhnaya st, 8
Country Code: +38
City Code: 0642
91-90-00, 93-17-35, 34-42-65,
34-42-63, 34-42-69, 34-42-67,
91-90-33, 91-90-36
Country Code: +38     
City Code: 0642
34-42-72, 93-12-31
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