Strategic partnership

For LLC ''Lugansk Machine Building Plant named after A.Parkhomenko'' the Customers and Suppliers of completments the strategic Partners. Working in the third century and occupying leading position on the market LLC 'Lugansk Machine Building plant named after A. Parkhomenko' provides to its Customers the most effective project decisions, delivering and service support of the most modern reliable equipment, thanks to the cooperating with the largest enterprises of ore mining and processing industry of CIS and far-abroad countries.

Our Customers:

  • coal industry;
  • ferrous and non-ferrous metal industry;
  • by-product-coke industry;
  • power industry;
  • chemical industry;
  • construction industry;
  • pulp-and-paper industry;
  • food industry;
  • agriculture.

Europe, Ukraine,
Lugansk 91055
Zheleznodorozhnaya st, 8
Country Code: +38
City Code: 0642
91-90-00, 93-17-35, 34-42-65,
34-42-63, 34-42-69, 34-42-67,
91-90-33, 91-90-36
Country Code: +38     
City Code: 0642
34-42-72, 93-12-31
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